What We Do

Passion for Stone

We have a passion for stone, a common material across the planet that humans have used for building since the start of our history.

From the early Talayots (primitive stone Cyclopean seating) to the Gothic cathedrals, from the most rustic wall to the fine moulding of the Lonja, the world of stone construction is enthralling, full of texture, colours and designs.

If you know how to listen, the stones will tell us about our history.


Design and creations in stone, landscaping projects.

We apply the ability of the stone to be integrated in its surroundings when creating gardens, spaces that are adapted to the client’s preferences.


The restoration of stone elements requires knowledge of patrimonial heritage, as well as of the different construction techniques, materials, etc.

Experience, observation and study of this heritage allows us to tackle restoration work for any element of stone work.


Stone is the most resistant natural material, rocks, which are the same as the Earth.

We build structures and elements that survive the passing of time.

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